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I will do my best.
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A11
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Added 11/23/2006
Updated 4/16/2013
"You and Yuki really are alike." - Toya Kinimoto

Toya has finally revealed to Yukito that he knows he's not human. Yukito then transforms into Yue. Toya looks at Yue and says calmly, "So that's what you really look like." Toya cares so much for Yuki that he would do anything for him if he can stay and live in this time. Yue tells Toya there's only one way . . . to give up his powers. Toya willingly gives his magical powers to Yue for Yukito's sake.

YAY!!! I got a cel from this scene in the A sequence! I love how they are looking so caring at each other. It's a peaceful moment. Finally, they have no secrets between them. I feel everything is going to be alright now between them.

ep. 65 "Sakura and Yukito and His Fading Power"


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